Innovation in Farming

Our Expertise

Creating Shared Value

Agrodite assists companies in realizing CSV programs that are able to provide economic value for the company while providing environmental and social values for communities.


Agrodite provides qualitative and quantitative research for three sectors:
1) Agriculture
2) Climate Change Adaptation
3) Circular Economy

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

At Agrodite, we are specialists in monitoring, evaluating and drawing lessons from programs in agriculture, climate change adaptation and circular economy.

Implementation of Programs

Agrodite designs and implements programs from the needs of all stakeholders in the agri supply chain.


Agrodite trains farmers on:

- Integrated sustainable farming systems
- Good Agricultural Practices
- Climate Smart Agriculture
- Entrepreneurship
- Embracing new technologies and innovations

Circular Economy

Agrodite support governments, private sector companies and other interested stakeholders with a strategy and a vision for a more circular business and future.


A world of resilient and prosperous farmer communities with 21st century solutions to adapt to current challenges.


Agrodite brings together different fields of expertise to maximize the positive impact of farmers and their communities in their living area.

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