Creating Shared Value

At Agrodite, we believe that the future reserves a great role for the private sector in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by shaping a more sustainable and environmental friendly future. We support companies in making a transition from just doing something good to Creating Shared Value. We will work directly in the value chain of the company with all stakeholders involved. We assist companies in realizing CSV programs that are able to provide economic value for the company while providing environmental and social values for communities. A win (business), win (society), win (environment) situation.

What can Agrodite do for your company?

  • CSV Assessment

Identifying creating shared value opportunities within the company’s value chain. Identifying and analyzing all stakeholders involved + possible impact.

  • CSV Workshop

A workshop for companies to understand the concept of CSV and how it can be implemented and embedded in the planning.

  • CSV Strategic Roadmap

Identifying the company’s CSV objectives, goals, strategies and key initiatives across several corporate departments.

  • CSV Design and Implementation

Assisting the company in design and implementation of CSV Roadmap Programs.

  • CSV Roadmap Program Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluating the Roadmap Program(s) and advising on progress and expansion.